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Lymphatic massage has become a popular form of massage due to its potential health benefits. It's a gentle form of massage that focuses on the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. Your lymph system includes organs, vessels, and tissues that move or drain a water-like fluid called lymph from other parts of your body into your bloodstream.

Lymphatic massage is especially helpful if you have lymphedema, which happens when lymph fluid doesn't go back to your blood the way it should and stays in other parts of your body. Lymphedema happens most often in your legs or arms. Many things can cause lymphedema, including genetic disorders, injury, infection, cancer treatment and surgery.

This massage is a way to help move the lymph fluid and make the swelling it causes go away. Your lymphatic system is an important part of your immune system. It keeps fluids in your body balanced and protects you against infections. 

Your lymphatic vessels, collecting ducts, tissues, and organs drain extra lymph fluid that leaks into your tissues from tiny blood vessels (capillaries). If your lymphatic system doesn't work right or is blocked, you'll end up with extra fluid in your tissues. 

Light movements stimulate your lymphatic system without pressing hard on your vessels. They make the lymph fluid move easily through your nodes and tissues, making sure the fluid doesn't get trapped anywhere.

No oils are used during the massage.

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The rate for a 60-minutes lymphatic massage is £60.

Profits are donated to charity.

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