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Are you looking for a massage that validates you as a whole, breathing, sensual being? A massage where draping, or not, isn’t important? A massage without judgments or expectations around you as being a naturally sensual person? Then a sensual massage is right for you.

 You learn to use breath, focus, intention and expressed boundaries to enter another way of being–timeless and treasured – suspended in pleasure without worry of ‘doing it right.’ A whole body massage, which may include the touching of your genitals, asks you to articulate your choices which is a skill that enhances your sex life.

 A sensual massage is not to be confused with a sexual massage. A sexual massage is about the expectation of receiving genital stimulation to sexually excite and result in sexual release. Rather, the intent of a sensual massage is about losing expectations of any ‘result’ allowing you to feel and enjoy your body more in each moment. You lose the need ‘to go’ somewhere, perform, or ‘do’ anything.

 The person giving a sensual massage is a teacher, an educator, and not an entertainer or actor. Touch is from practitioner to the client for the purpose of promoting pleasure, healing, self-awareness and empowerment. The client learns how to receive. Rarely do we have someone who can teach us how to receive, in regular sex each partner is usually busy trying ‘to do’ the other, or get it right, or take care of the other. A sensual massage becomes the learning ground for truly beginning to feel, listen to and enjoy your own sensations – and deeply receive. You learn to be relaxed and energised simultaneously.

 After a sensual massage, people often ‘sense’ their body in new ways. They experience their whole body as an instrument of pleasure. They no longer need to perform, have an agenda or need to ‘get somewhere’ with their pleasure.

 A sensual massage inspires respect and spirituality to your sexuality. A whole body massage treats you as an integral being, whole, natural, deserving of pleasure, and capable of profound states of connection and peace with yourself, your sexuality, and all life.

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The rate for a 90-minutes sensual massage is £90.

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